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Similac Advance Stage 1- Similac Advance 1 is a spray dried stage 1 infant milk substitute for infants up to 6 months. It is designed to support normal growth and development. Similac Advance contains Neuro-nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids [precursors of DHA and ARA], Choline, Iron, Taurine, Iodine, Folic Acid and Zinc that are known to support baby’s brain development.Level and blend of nucleotides that is known to support baby’s developing immune system.Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus that are known to support baby’s bone development.Essential fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals (such as Calcium and Iron) that are known to support healthy growth of the baby.When your baby is 6 months, try Similac Advance 2, specially formulated to meet the needs of growing infants over 6 months. Infants above 6 months should receive supplemental food in addition to formula. Consult your doctor for advice. IMPORTANT NOTICE: MOTHER’S MILK IS BEST FOR YOUR BABY.

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